Satan Take Me Home

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THE Album is out now - It's Satanick, it's dark, it's mysterious and it's release echoes the heresy from the manuscripts of Praesidia Finium and the tomes of Cthaat Aquadingen. It is the mother of the Great Leviathan, the Coiled Serpent that lies, waiting... Waiting until again the stars are aligned and the Seat of Satan glows red upon the faces of puny earthlings...

Music: Saatanan Marionetit
Arrangements: Saatanan Marionetit
Lyrics: Saatanan Marionetit

Guitars: Long John Satan
Bass: Jui Satan
Drums: Wry Satan
Keyboards: Nirz Satan
Vocals: Aargh Satan

CD-Cover design: MM Satan
Thanks goes to: Satan

Recorded and Mixed at The Dungeon in Hellsinki

Track listing

1 Satanick Space Crusader 5'08
2 Join Me In Satan 3'16
3 It Came From Beyond The Star Number 666 5'18
4 The Rainy Hour Before Midnight Hour 8'10