The Dark Forest

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Music: Saatanan Marionetit
Arrangements: Saatanan Marionetit
Lyrics: Saatanan Marionetit except
Xmas Terror: Saatanan Marionetit featuring Sad Satan

Guitars: Long John Satan
Bass: Jui Satan
Keyboards: Nirz Satan
Vocals: Yo Satan

Programming: Jui Satan
Foreign guest vocals: Sad Satan
Groarl: MM Satan

CD-Cover design: MM Satan

Thanks goes to: Gravewind (for printing support), Wry (for gallons of beer), Ourselves (for making this fucking album!)

Recorded and Mixed at Hevirama Studios in Hellsinki

These are low-quality versions of The Dark Forest tracks. If you're interested in better quality versions, please take contact to Saatanan Marionetit from the Contacts -section.

Track listing

1 Xmas Terror 3'24
2 The Satanick Dark Forest After Darck 2'10
3 Satan Went To Sauna 0'33
4 The Dawn (bonus) 0'37
5 One Day Closer To Death ( bonus) 7'10