Wild rumors abound

19th Jan 2011

Several sources in the daemonic music industry have been heard hinting at a new member joining Saatanan Marionetit. No specifics have been mentioned, but there's hear-say about a new dick-headed...

Drummers ahoy!

4th Sep 2010

Saatanan Marionetit needs a new drummer to continue on the path of the Mighty Arms of Destruction pointed by Wry Satan. Are you a drummer? Do you have Satanickness in...

Satan is among us!

2nd Jun 2010

After a lengthy consultation with malevolent spirits Saatanan Marionetit has been labouring with minions of the Dark Lord to get the much anticipated long play published. There have been many...

Moving pictures

4th May 2010

A live video from the most evilest musical festival of 2010 has been released. In this 4:58 long masterpiece of utter Satanickness Saatanan Marionetit performs their...