A week and a day to madness

26th Mar 2015

We all know the story of how the false creator rested on the seventh day, but an often omitted part of the legend tells us that on the eighth day he-who-rots-in-the-heavens went insane. That's the reason for the existence of the seal of the ninth day, which closed the doors of truth from mankind. Cursed thy be!

To commemorate this historical event, it is worth pointing out that in eight days Saatanan Marionetit will be on stage after a half year hiatus in the second Night of Insanity. It will be the debut of Sirkka Satan's destructive percussions, and what a horrible night to have the curse of insanity it will be. All hail Macaroni Penguin Music for setting up this despicable circus of sodomy and dark euphoria.

So gather your deranged minions and bring them to the catacombs of Dubrovnik and experience the plethora of different kinds of psychologically challenged so-called "artists".

You can check some irrelevant facts in the Event page. If you want. You don't have to. No, really. True insanity spurs from not knowing of things beforehand. And intoxicants. And the Truth.