There was darkness, and He saw that it was bad.

2nd Dec 2014

A conglomerate of dark powers assembled to attend to the Grand Press Conference last week, which climaxed to the unveiling of Saatanan Marionetit's new drummer: Sirkka Satan.

This initiate of the Arts hails from the disputed lands of the eastern front, and lists eating newborn babies and burning holy books as his favorite past time.

In a dashing display of dismembering demonisation he demonstrated his skills in banging objects with other objects, and all parties present were astounded by the result. This turns over a new leaf in the epoc of Saatanan Marionetit, and the all-seeing eye has divined that the band will resume touring and playing at live events as soon as the stars are right, which will most probably be early 2015.


Saatanan Marionetit wishes to thank the following parties who attended the Grand Press Conference, in a random order:

Osuuskunta Osuusnaali Osk
Cybermedia Finland
Macaroni Penguin Music (present only in spirit and odor)
HandNukes of Perkele