The seeker shall be rewarded with findings!

20th Nov 2014

The long and arduous search from the nether realms has finally born rotten fruit and the gates of hell have spewed forth a new engine of demonic distorted destructive domination.

From the fiery courts of the seven planes of damnation have the dark lords blessed Saatanan Marionetit with new meat and bone.

The heap of biochemical twisted matter took form and at the black anvil of the deranged smith Alhazred this creature developed limbs with flesh-grafted drumsticks.

This culmination of dark vortex energy is still finishing his spawning process in the toxic birthing pools, and a grand press conference announcing the arrival of this dark messiah will be held in the year of damnation 2014.
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As often is in the lands of the lost and mystics, much is still unknown but one thing is certain: Saatanan Marionetit has found a new drummer of dismemberment, a percussionist of Perkelous pain, batterist of barfighting brawler berzerkism, an unholy usher of uncreation.