Satanick Ceviche of the Seas of Suffering

Surprise your friends, foes, fraternity and family with this exotic dish straight from the jungles of Antarctica.

What you need:

  • A fish that is deadder than death itself 
  • A bunch of lemons or other acidic things (sulphur works fine too)
  • Onions, the more the merrier
  • Mixed herbs and spices
  • A bottle of Tequila
  • A container which doesn't melt in the acids of your preference

Chop up the fish to ensure that it's really dead. Sacrifice a moment of thought to the departed sea-creature's eternal soul you have violated. Thank great Cthulhu for the boon of having a dead fish available in the first place. (and your sanity)

Hack and slash at the onions until you're crying like a goth bastard. Fight the urge to paint your nails black and listen to some Sisters of Mercy.

Squeeze the juice out of the lemons with your mighty arms of destruction. Admire your biceps from a mirror at the same time, if possible.

It is also a good idea to have a beer or two at this point.

Pour everything to the container and dump it to the fridge to rest for a few aeons.

Drink any left over tequila.

Eat the Satanick Ceviche of the Seas of Suffering.

Fight the after-taste with even more tequila. And other booze.