Deadly Mary

What you need:

4cl Vodka
2cl Tequila
10cl tomato juice
3ml(half a teaspoon) lemon juice
2 drops of Worchester sauce
4 drops of tabasco/habanero sauce/similar
black pepper
dried powdered celery / celery salt
a kick-ass glass (preferably with ornamental flames)
crushed ice

What you need to do:

Dump all the booze and juice to the glass (or a mixer if you happen to have one). All left over vodka and tequila should be drunk during the making of this drink. Add the sauces, pepper, celery and salt according to your personal preference. Mix whilst listening some inspiring song like Satan went to Sauna. Pour the drink to the glass if its not there already.

Fill the rest of the glass with ice.
Drink and worship Satan.
Be violently sick afterwards.