Do you feel intimidated by the complex formulas of the other recipes on this site?

This is for all you busy Satanettes out there who don't have time for all those other fancy-pansy drinks with multi-part preparation instructions and exotic ingredients.

What you need:


What you need:

A coffee maker
Some carbonated cola drink

What you need to do:

Remove the glass container from the coffee maker. Put the rest of the coffee maker away. Pour all available whiskey into the container. Top up with the cola drink. Drink from the container with your band.

Deadly Mary

What you need:

4cl Vodka
2cl Tequila
10cl tomato juice
3ml(half a teaspoon) lemon juice
2 drops of Worchester sauce
4 drops of tabasco/habanero sauce/similar
black pepper
dried powdered celery / celery salt
a kick-ass glass (preferably with ornamental flames)
crushed ice


- Raspberry-cloudberry liqueur
- Triple Sec
- One drinking glass of desired size
- A bottle of sherry. Any cheap brand will do


- Sausage
First stick in the sausage in slices.
Pour in the Salmiakkikossu
Put in the koskenkorva with a spoon to make two layers!
It's Bensa Petroliously good!