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    All songs written by Saatanan Marionetit
    Recorded at D-Studio, Mau Satan Studio and the Dungeon Studios.
    Mixed and  mastered by Mau Satan. Cover art by Alc. Satan.
    Satanick thanks to: Jassi and Markus from D-Studio, Mau Satan, Alc. Satan,...

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  • Release year:
  • THE Album is out now - It's Satanick, it's dark, it's mysterious and it's release echoes the heresy from the manuscripts of Praesidia Finium and the tomes of Cthaat Aquadingen. It is the mother of the Great Leviathan, the Coiled Serpent that lies, waiting... Waiting until again the stars are...

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  • Music: Saatanan Marionetit
    Arrangements: Saatanan Marionetit
    Lyrics: Saatanan Marionetit except
    Xmas Terror: Saatanan Marionetit featuring Sad Satan

    Guitars: Long John Satan
    Bass: Jui Satan
    Keyboards: Nirz Satan
    Vocals: Yo Satan

    Programming: Jui Satan
    Foreign guest vocals: Sad Satan
    Groarl: MM Satan


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  • Collection of all the important (pre-)releases for your satanick desires.


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