Tritonus Satan

In band since: 
27th Jan 2010


It was the coldest fucking winter in decades, and the dark earth was covered with ice. Satan knew in his infinite that his Time of Ultimate Darckness was near. He left the Dungeon and called his twisted minions to him. The dissonance of Satan’s call was shaking the earth and a massive glacial spike scorched through the grounds of the so called holy land, straight in to a daemonic prison cell where Tritonus had been sent to eternal torment for his unspeakable sins against man- and animalkind. Tritonus used this chance to escape his eternal torment and climbed his way to earth's surface. Stumbling in the cold wastelands Tritonus found an open hatch, and he went in and saw Satan himself along with his minions. Satan welcomed Tritonus to the Dungeon, and said: "Thou shalt be Tritonus Satan.".

Tritonus was knighted and imbued with Satanick powers and unbelievable professionality. Satan had made him a part of this army against everything holy called Saatanan Marionetit. Thus begins the story of Tritonus Satan… and the world shall never be the same!

Current Lineup

Perkeloid Percussions