Nirz Satan


Instrument: Keyboards of Cacophony, Kazoo of Killage, Tambourines of Tempest, Violins of Violence and Synths of Satan.

On a dark, stormy autumn night in the early 80's a boy child was born under the stars above. Little did people know then of the abysmal brilliance the child was to achieve in the form of playing keyboards, summoning howls of the infernal lords themselves through his instrument. Together with Jui Satan these audio anomalies were put to use to combat mild polite correctness and the judeo-christian hypocrisy. As one of the founding members of Saatanan Marionetit, Nirz Satan continues to contemplate the True Being of the allness and nothingness, while at the same time praising the dark lord and being overall extremely professional.

His sinister artistic doctrines and the 15-year old, long ago murdered and since forgotten gothic girl living inside his twisted and deranged mind have recently started spewing forth even more and more sadistic tones of murder for the body and soul. These dark symphonies are just a prelude for nightmares to come, as the infamous Lords of the Seven Hells are preparing their descent to the land of mortals. The new extatic beginning is nigh!

The desire for more and more Tears of Satan (see Masturbation) drives him onwards to his dark and gloomy fate, which seems to include most satanick and evilest musical forms of art and endless nights in the dark forest of the twighlight zone. Crouching behind his synthesizers which have been blessed by the great Vapula, amidst a dark jungle of cables filled with souls of the stillborn, he is waiting. He is waiting for the inevitable obscure fate that awaits us all, the final days to come beneath the burning flames of heaven.

Current Lineup

Perkeloid Percussions