Jatz Satan

In band since: 
26th Jan 2011 to 16th Oct 2014


In the beginning there was blackness of the Void. Then Satan decided, that there must be something evil. He created Porn.

From a remote outpost of Hell came a dark figure. He was a drunken Satanick truck driver with a shadow over his soul: he had most evil bribes for the chosen choir of Lucifer. Also, he was created from Pårn's left rib-bone. The figure had decided to invade the Dungeon and join the darck forces living there bringing gifts of lust, sloth and decay. But, as everyone knows, nobody can ever invade the Dungeon, because it is occupied by the unholiest of the most Unholy, so he tried bribes instead: he threw inside porn magazines and sleazy movies of Satan. It worked and Satan smiled upon him.

Besides porn he had a talent of hitting drums like he were utterly insane, which is actually not very far from the truth, as he had just escaped from an Asylum, where he had received electric shocks directly into his brain which made him piss into exhaust pipes of a truck. The band had no other choice but to let this mysterious figure join the legion of Saatanan Marionetit and continue his darck rituals with them.

Current Lineup

Perkeloid Percussions