How evil came to be


The name of Saatanan Marionetit was like born sometime in 2003 (or might have been 2004, who can remember all these fucking numbers?) when Jui Satan and Hizki the Satanic Dominator were talking about how fucking cool it would be to like play music. They selected bass guitar and drums as their instruments, because, you know, the bass is like the easiest instrument to play, and you can play drums sitting down, so it's more difficult to fall even if you are really fuckin out of it. So it's not anything like you couldn't drink and do drugs while playing our really cool music.

The actual band was born, independently from the name, around July 2004 or something, when we were fucking wasted on too much blood and tears of Satan. We tried injecting B thru our fucking ears to the brain, to get like fucking really fuck'd, and were generally being really true and cool.

Nobody can really remember when we decided to use the name we now proudly carry, or pretty much anything else for that matter, but who fucking cares? Meanwhile, Hizki the Satanic Dominator faded somewhere into the background, swallowed by the eternal darkness surrounding this dark spawning. After that we got like guitars and stuff, and just got so incredibly professional. You wouldn't fucking believe how professional we really are. We actually got so freakin' professional that we threw up the Dark Forest EP in december 2004.

Anyway, that's how it all started.

Then, totally out of the fucking blue, it all continued somehow with the power of drugs and cheap beer. Naturally we continued to be really deeply artistic and professional and shit like that. On one night of drunken stupor in 2005 we suddenly noticed that some guy named Wry Satan and his Mighty Arms of Destruction had joined our bacchanal, and so we got a drummer to replace the doomsday machine that had served as our percussion factory until then.

Only a really short time later like, some dozens of bottles of booze later, the new incarnation of Saatanan Marionetit was stepping up in being even more professional. By the end of the year we were blessed by the Shrouded Masters of The Hell and were able to move to the Dungeon studio and rehearsal space to work our dark arts. Around that time the original singer, Yo Satan, was dumped from the line-up because of "artistic differences and lack of commitment to the band". This of course lead us to look for a new singer who was Most Satanick by birthright and could hold his liquor, and of course would be really professional like the rest of us. And we found him. In the dark gloom of the dusk of the year, Aargh Satan joined the ranks of Saatanan Marionetit and became instantly insanely professional (and drunk).

By the end of the year 2005 we'd had some really weird things going on, with the myriad rumors surrounding the band regarding the identity of the new singer to take Yo Satan's former place in the band, the occasional poltergeist throwing our stuff around in the freshly blood-baptized Dungeon, some minor legal incidents with jealous web community admins and the worst of all, devoted Saatanan Marionetit fans battling happiness!. "All in all, I can't really remember much of that year because I was so fucking wasted all the time, so fuck off." comments Jui Satan.

The year 2006 brought the band more gigs (in epic spectacles like "The Satanick Memorial Of The Fallen" and "Post Summer Ressurrection"), multiple upgrades in the equipment of the Dungeon, a promo-release It Came From Beyond The Star Number 6 6 6 and lots of other shit. On the downside, we still blame the thrice-damned biblical "god" for the loss of the legendary Hevirama Studios where Saatanan Marionetit was originally spawned. Then by the end of the year 2007, after too many empty pill and booze bottles for anyone to remember, the EP Satan Take Me Home was released. Or it might have been during spring 2008. Or sometime before or after that. Numbers and dates are for dumb people.

But the band heard the calling from deep below the lands of men. As Wry Satan so professionally puts it: "Inspired by the fact that we had an excuse to celebrate Satan and to thank him for the EP we started wondering if we could whip up our own Satanick Festival." Thus, the Satanick Seas of Suffering festival was born. Somewhere at this point of our history we noticed that one of our most loyal Satanettes, Star Satan, had moved from just hanging around on our gigs to operate the mixer and has since been sentenced to that post for all eternity.

The band was touring Finland with the vigor only a group who is driven by alcohol and Satan can, when during the summer 2008 Long John Satan announced his departure from the band for his own reasons. This caused a break on the regular activities of the band, but the guitarrist's spot was luckily filled by Raato Satan only after a few months. This down-time gave the band room for working on new material and the rumors concerning a new EP or full album release started circling the band once again. Somewhere at this point a light technician had tagged along, bearing the name Lucidus Satan.


Quickly after housetraining the new guitar maestro, work on bringing hellish tunes and blissful wastedness to the world resumed. Working with gigs, studio time and Satanick Seas of Suffering the troupe managed to busy itself and lower their guard. Amidst a steady publication stream of digital singles such as New Lucifer and Harmonica Satanica malady from Mistress Fate stroke down to the burrowed domains of the Dungeon - in the last dying days of 2009 Aargh Satan announced his departure. Only a month later this void was filled by Tritonus Satan. The election process was pretty straightforward, Tritonus got the job as he was the only one who brought a bribe of Jallu to the audition session.

This happenstance caused some delays on the already delayed debut album production, but on the other hand raised cause for excessive substance abuse and debauchery. The Satanick Seas of Suffering festival continued as a yearly event and there was a lot of Jallu to be drunk. Good times.

Late 2010 saw the birth of a dedicated Saatanan Marionetit cover band, Handnukes of Perkele. Around the same time (or might have been a bit earlier, who knows) Wry Satan decided that his Might Arms of Destruction were needed elsewhere - there were still locations left undestroyed by the limbs of devastation. With a heavy heart and drunken mind Saatanan Marionetit headed off to look for a new twisted soul to perform the arts of percussion.

Using the downtime to maximum potential, amidst the alcohol-hazed visions somehow a few live music videos and a bootleg EP "Saatanan Marionetit Live @ On the Rocks" saw light. In early 2011 Jatz Satan joined the band for drummerism.

Life continued as usual, filled with dark thoughts and even darker deeds, until in 2012 the long waited debut album was published. Satanick Destruction of Death had taken several years of work, blood, sweat and booze to be born, and the painful complications in its creation process are somewhat evident in the end result - however, it was finally out of the system and the band could once again concentrate on what is really important in life - getting wasted. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Somehow, from somewhere, in December 2012 a new EP Zombie Horror was released. Some learning had been done from the previous recording processes and this product ended up being quite different from the album released just prior during the same year. That same December saw the first (and perhaps last) semi-acoustic traditional Indenpendence Day gig at the Horror Shop. Hyvä Suomi.

After surviving a deluge in the Dungeon and some rehab in an undisclosed location the band took a new step in production during May 2013. The first non-live gig music video was shot for the romantic ballad Blood is Redder than Water.

Current Lineup

Perkeloid Percussions